Board of Directors .


Board of BABA FARID RICE MILLS consist of Mr Haji Munir Ahmad Chairman of company and two managing directors Mr Tanveer Ahmad and Mr Hafiz Irfan Munir.


Mr HAJI MUNIR AHMAD serving as chairman of the BABA FARID RICE MILLS. He has vast experience of rice industry.He is the founder of BABA FARID RICE MILLS.He gave all his expertise for the progress and achievement of company,s goals.

Mr Tanveer Ahmad (Executive Director)

Mr Tanveer Ahmad is currently playing a vital role in the management and success of BABA FARID RICE MILLS.He controls and oversea all the processing units.Mr Tanveer Ahmad also act as customer relationship manager.He knows very well how to deal with clients and satisfy customer,s requirements.

Mr Hafiz Irfan Munir (Managing Director)

Mr Irfan Munir provides his expertise in the fields of accounts/finance.He is managing company,s accounts and acting as credit manager of BABA FARID RICE MILLS.He deals with all the banking matters of the company.