Golden Aroma

Babafarid Rice Mills primarily deals in world-renowned extra long grain aromatic Super Kernal Basmati rice. It has specialized in the processing of brown, white and parboiled Super Kernal Basmati. In addition to super kernal basmati, Babafarid Rice mills also deal in other basmati and non-basmati varieties in their all forms i.e. brown white and parboiled (Sella). Here are the main products of Babafarid Rice Mills, which are being exported all over the world.

Extra Long Grain Varieties
• 1121 kainat White Rice
• 1121 kainat steam  Rice
• 1121kainat  Parboiled (Sella) Rice

Long Grain Varieties
• IRRI 6 (Brown Cargo, white & Parboiled Rice)
• IRRI 9 (Brown Cargo, white & Parboiled Rice)
• Supreme (Brown Cargo, white & Parboiled Rice)

Babafarid Rice Mills offers all of these varieties in any packing size from 1 - 100 kg in jute, cotton and paper packing as required by the precious customers. However Polyethylene Bags/Card-board Boxes with/without Windows & paper bags, which is also available in different ranges from 250 grams up to 50 Kg on request.